Monday, July 18, 2005

Better late than never.

It's been a while I posted something onto my blog. Things are moving fast at my end. I couldn't really keep track of them :)

Okay here's what happened during these days of no-posting:

  1. I got the Personal loan to centralize all my inherited-debts. Its 2.5Lac loan from HSBC.
  2. I am on a look out for a good laptop, Finally decided to buy an iBall laptop costing 81K, if I'm going to buy Intel+Windows laptops.
  3. After our CEO's resignation, now my HOD left the company. So all in all, things seems completely out of direction as far as my career is concerned.
  4. Started working on XUL/FireFox application development.
  5. Because of having lots and lots of boring time to spend, I subscribed to Unlimited DVD rental. So I can watch movies at home.
  6. Started reading Zen and Art of Motorcycle maintenance.

After 5 long years of waiting, my parents finally got rid of the loans they made. I am in the process of sending money to them, to clear the debts. It's a good achievement, eventhough little late. I wanted them to worry less about the money matters.

Buying a laptop has always been a dream for me. But I guess I'm into a situation where I can afford it now. After extensive market analysis, I was able to get the best deal from iBall laptops, They have 15.4" WXGA with 1GB RAM, DVD Writer, and 256MB Graphics Card, and 80GB HDD, and built-in TV Tuner card. All for Rs.81,000/- (Emperor Model). So I was prepared to buy that one.

My primary purpose in buying the laptop is for software development. Suddenly I stumbled upon the Apple Notebooks, which are pricey, but excellent for development. Incidentally, Apple has got a dealer here in chandigarh, after calling him, I found out that, Apple is going to give some discounts for Quark Employees. And advised me to wait till the end of this month. So, my laptop purchase now stalled till end of the month.

Things are not certainly good at workplace now a days, besides from not having good work to do, there are lot of turbulence following my HOD's resignation and extremely high rate of attrition. I'm seriously thinking of my career, and planning for a change. May be i'll look for a job in Delhi, partly due to personal reasons.

Mozilla has always been a good choice for developing cross-platform applications. I'm always wanted to develop some application using that technology. The time has come now. I'm currently learning XUL and Mozilla platform, I'm amazed by the overwhelming components available under the Mozilla platform. Hats off guys! I've just started and preparing some small prototypes for XUL+Firefox applications. I'll be writing tutorials at my DevCenter.

About movies Madhouse gave me the best deal ... Rs500/- a month for unlimited DVDs on rent. I got A Beautiful Mind, A Bug's Life and Aladdin Special Edition DVDs for the first set. The latter two discs didn't play on my DVD player, there was some problem with the region, I had to hack my Samsung HT-DS100 Home Theatre system to play them. They are wonderful.

I've finished watching A Beautiful Mind, excellent movie. It's the story of John Nash, a genius mathematician, portrayed by Russell Crowe. This movies falls under must-see list.

Zen and Art of Motorcycle repairing is a wonderful book, I've not yet read half of it, I am eager to complete the book ASAP. Very interesting and excellent book that speaks about life's value and quality. As Amazon.com review says

Arguably one of the most profoundly important essays ever written on the nature and significance of "quality" and definitely a necessary anodyne to the consequences of a modern world pathologically obsessed with quantity. Although set as a story of a cross-country trip on a motorcycle by a father and son, it is more nearly a journey through 2,000 years of Western philosophy. For some people, this has been a truly life-changing book.

And finally, I subscribed to Safari bookshelf form orielly network, so that I can keep my self updated with latest technologies.


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